Thursday, June 11, 2009

"...with a loving hand of perfect design..."

I feel it is necessary for me to clear up my thoughts on my "cookie cutter/bubble" life I mentioned in a previous post. I think we should just take the word cookie cutter out of my example completely. I meant more that it is my fear that I would live a cookie cutter life in my own bubble, completely oblivious to everything and everyone around me. I often feel like this is what our society offers us. The newest car, the most money, the best clothes, the biggest house...the list continues...all of these things have to do with the way are viewed by others or how WE can be the best. How are we (myself included) taking these things and using them to glorify our God? I failed at expressing that last time. I made it sound like I was unhappy with who I am/have been and how I have lived my life. I am not unhappy with who the Lord has shaped me to be. He has been the most important part of every aspect of my tiny, and at times seemingly insignificant life. Think of who He magnificent!!! My mom said it best, "we have a good God who doesn't deal with us capriciously or randomly, but with a loving hand of perfect design..." I could never imagine that I would be so lucky to have Him love me so deeply. Because of that, I will serve and worship Him with every fiber of my being...for all of my days. It is my hope and prayer that no cookie cutter/bubble of a life gets in the way of that.

Lord, may You always be the desire of my little heart...

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  1. You articulate yourself well...I appreciate what you say. Thanks for sharing.