Monday, February 8, 2010

I'll eat you up, I love you so.

My sister Shauna is the one who made me want to start blogging again. Want to have somewhere where I can write down my thoughts. Be me, and feel good about it even if no one in the whole world ever reads this (besides myself and probably her.) She is my family. The reason I want to post videos of me singing. Songs I'm listening to. Thoughts on poetry that speaks to me. So she might feel connected to me and I to her from so far away (their are definitely five lives to coordinate for just a phone or ichat date these days...)
I love that this will be another avenue for me to love my family. Even though we sleep a thousand miles apart. I know we live our lives each day thinking of the other. Always sending words and thoughts and prayers to our God for one another. For this, I am grateful. It has made me appreciate the invaluable friendship that Shauna and I have. What her children truly mean to me. This has turned into an array of "I love Shauna Noel" thoughts. I love it.

(Shauna-na, I'll eat you up.)

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